New Book on Poverty and Development in Fragile States

Betrayed: Politics, Power, and Prosperity

Combining the latest research into poverty and state building with the author’s personal observations drawn from years running businesses in the developing world, Betrayed explains how leaders in the developing world can build more inclusive societies and more equitable governments, thereby creating dynamic national economies and giving the poor the opportunity to accumulate the means and skills to control their own destinies. As such, it is a handbook for political and economic change in less developed countries. 

Foreword by the Former President of Ghana Jerry Rawlings

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“Kaplan makes a compelling and eloquent argument for empowering all citizens, especially the poor. He explains how hard-working individuals are shackled to their poverty, how discrimination stifles the entrepreneurial hopes of entire groups of people, and how political and economic exclusion conspire to keep elites rich at everyone else’s expense. . . . It is, he says, up to the elites and leaders of the developing world to start building and operating this machinery.” – Jerry Rawlings, Former President of the Republic of Ghana

“Betrayed is an interesting, readable presentation of a complex and often difficult subject. The author’s approach to and analysis of world poverty and what can be done to change the dynamic underpinning it will be a worthy read for both development professionals as well as the general educated reader.” – Andrew Natsios, Former Head, USAID


Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures ix
Foreword xi
Acknowledgments xv

Part I: An Old Problem
1 The Same Species, the Same Dreams 3
2 The Blame Game 9
3 Who Are the Poor? 19
4 Why Are They Poor? 37
5 Breaking Out 57

Part II: A New Agenda
6 Self-Belief and Power 69
7 Building Support for an Inclusive Agenda 83
8 Constructing a More Effective State 101
9 Getting to a Workable Scale 123
10 Enhancing Opportunity 143
11 Enlarging Markets, Spreading Wealth 165

Part III: A Plan of Action
12 Leading Change from Within 187
13 What Role for Foreign Aid? 205
14 Putting It All Together 229

Notes 247
Index 277


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